The Dave Turpin Trophy

The Dave Turpin Trophy is awarded annually at the Christmas party to a Club Member who has made a massive contribution to the club over the years (not just the last 12 months) in memory of one of our past members. Often this has been given for organising teams, administering club events like the Boundary Way race or social do's, running the newsletter, increasing the profile of the club and too many other examples to mention. The trophy may only be awarded once to any recipient. Past winners of the trophy are listed below. 


2000  John Rolfe-Dickinson

2001  Dave Crane

2002  Malcolm Sharp

2003  Jane Dooley

2004  John Cawley

2005  Eric Binns

2006  David Noble

2007  Sue Coates

2008  Debra Kaznowski

2009  Quentin Lewis

2010  Andrew Travis

2011  Doreen Noble

2012  Geoff Perigo

2013  Ian Ferris

2014  Dave Lonsdale

2015  Alan Clements

2016  Paul Baildon

2017   Denise Johnson

2018   Linda Carey