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Frequently asked questions


Q: When does the 2017 event race take place?

A: On Sunday 2 April 2017.


Q: What time does the race start?

A: The non-competitive walk starts at 8:30am and the running race starts at 9:30am.


Q: When will I get my running/walking number?

A: We will be issuing the numbers on the day of the event.  You will need to come into the clubhouse at the Race HQ to collect your number.  Please ensure you allow sufficient time because the race start is about 1,050 metres (all flat or downhill) from the Race HQ and we cannot deal with everybody at the same time!  Numbers will be available for collection from 7:30am for walkers and 8:15am for runners.


Q: Can I collect my number before race day and go straight to the start?

A: Yes.  Numbers will be available on Thursday 30 March 2017 from the Race HQ between 9:00pm and 10:00pm.  But please email us at no later than Wednesday 29 March 2017 to confirm that you will be calling so we can have your number ready for you.


Q: Where is the Race HQ?

A: Baildon Cricket & Rugby Sports Club off Jenny Lane, Baildon BD17 6RS.  This is not far from the village centre.  From the roundabout in the centre of the village go uphill passing the Malt Shovel pub on the right and take the first right, after the Co op car park, into Jenny Lane.  The narrow lane that leads to the Cricket & Rugby Sports Club is 270 metres on the left, just as the road sweeps round to the right.


Q: Can you give me some basic directions to Baildon?

A: From the M606: As you approach the end of the motorway, take the middle or right hand lane signed A6177 Ring Road (East).  After the traffic lights follow the road round to the right and take the 1st exit off the next roundabout following the brown tourist signs for Salts Mill, also signed Keighley (A650).  Go straight on at the next ‘Asda’ roundabout.  At the next roundabout, take the first exit onto the A650 still following Salts Mill signs.  Continue on the A650.  You will pass a retail park on your left, dominated by a Tesco superstore, and numerous car showrooms on both sides eventually passing ACW Garden Centre on your left after about 3½ miles.

Continue on this road for a further mile and you will come to a small upward incline and a set of traffic lights at a T junction.  Turn right at the lights following signs to Otley (A6038).  You are now in Shipley.  Go straight on at four sets of traffic lights and follow signs for Baildon.

After two further sets of lights at the Noble Comb pub, the road sweeps round a right hand bend.  Get into the left hand lane and at the next set of traffic lights (watch out for the filter light) turn left up the hill on the B6151 to Baildon.

From other directions, go to Shipley and then follow the route shown above.


Q: Where will I be able to park?

A: Marshals will be on duty at the Race HQ and will give advice.  Car parking is available (free) in the village car parks but if you can car share with a fellow competitor it would help because Baildon is not over blessed with car parking spaces.  Please use one side of the road only for street parking and avoid blocking driveways.  There will be areas of various roads coned by the police who will enforce parking restrictions.  We have been asked to say that if you park in these areas you may receive a fixed penalty notice.  These parking restrictions are for the safety of everyone.


Q: What toilet, changing and showering facilities will be available?

A: Toilets, changing & showering facilities will be available free of charge at the Race HQ.  However, clothing or valuables are left at your own risk.  Preferably, lock them out of sight in your vehicle for safety.  Please note that the toilet facilities are at the Race HQ, not the start which is about 1,050 metres away.


Q: How do I find the race start?

A: Runners (at 9:15am) and walkers (at 8:10am) will be escorted the 1,050 metres (all flat or downhill) from the Race HQ to the start.  Please arrive in good time to collect your race number and to be ready for the escort to the start!


Q: Can I run with my dog?

A: Sorry, but no.  The route crosses private land and the landowners have refused permission, please do not jeopardise the future of the race by taking a dog with you, even on a lead.

Q: Do you have a reserve/waiting list I can go on to hopefully get a place in the run?A: Sorry, but we do not keep a reserve/waiting list, however if you email us at we can add you to our database and let you know when entries are going on sale for the next event.


Q: Why don’t you have a reserve/waiting list?A: We accept more entries than we can cope with on the day in the expectation, based on past history, that people will withdraw or not turn up to run on the day.  If we only accepted the number of entries we could cope with we would have to disappoint a lot more people.


Q: Are there water stations?

A: Yes, there are three water stations on the course and also at the finish.  The water stations are sited at approx. 4.2 miles, 8.5 miles and 10.2 miles.  The first water station may not be open by the time the walkers reach this point.  Walkers are advised to carry a drink with them, especially if it is a warm day.


Q: What refreshments will be available?

A: Refreshments will be on sale from 8:00am onwards.  Typically we will have bacon sandwiches, soup and a chilli.  Tea, coffee and soft drinks will also be available.  After the race the bar will be open for alcoholic purchases.


Q: What do I get when I finish?

A: A race memento will be given out at the finish.  If you are lucky, you may also get a ‘spot prize’ token.  Spot prizes are to be collected from inside the clubhouse.  Water will also be available at the finish area.


Q: Are there age category prizes?

A: Yes, we give prizes to the following categories: F35, F45, F55, F65+, M35, M45, M55 and M65+.  These will be given out at approximately 12:15pm in the clubhouse.


Q: If I turn up on the day will I be able to run?

A: No, we do not accept any running entries on the day.  The running race is always sold out months before the event.  However we take entries for the non-competitive walk on the day but please note that the walk starts one hour earlier than the run.


Q: Are there age limits for entering?

A: Yes, the minimum age for running the Half Marathon is 17.  The minimum age for the walk is 12 but a parent or guardian must accompany walkers under 17.


Q: I’m a slow runner, am I going to struggle to find my way round?

A: No, we will have two ‘sweepers’ who will run just behind the last runner.  Our marshals will stay in position until the sweepers have gone past them.  We may have to withdraw some facilities at the finish but the race finish itself will remain open and we will be there to record your time, give you a drink and your race memento.


Q: How do you tell us the results?

A: These will be published on our website as soon as possible (usually by mid-afternoon).


Q: How can I find out what the course is?

A: See the description of the route on the website.  This is provided so you can recce the route if you wish to do so before the day but don’t worry about trying to memorise everything, the course will be well marked and marshalled on the day.


Q: I’ve entered the run but I am not fit enough to take part, can I swap to the walk?

A: Yes.  Please email us at stating your name and advising you want to swap to the walk.  We will make the necessary adjustments in our database.


Q: I’ve entered but can no longer take part, can somebody else take my place?

A: Yes, but we will need to know the full details of the replacement person.  Please supply the following information of the replacement:



Telephone Number

Running Club (if any)

Date of birth

Email address:

by email to


Q: I’ve entered but can no longer take part, and don’t know anybody who wants my place, can I have a refund or carry my entry over to another year or can you find a replacement for me?

A: We’re sorry but we cannot make a refund or carry your entry over.  We do not keep a reserve list either so we cannot find a replacement for you.  However, we will keep your details on file and email you with details for the following year.  We will treat your entry fee as a donation to the good causes the race is supporting.


Q: Why do you have a race limit of 480 runners when so many more people want to take part?

A: Unfortunately we do not have the parking/toilet facilities to cope with a higher number.  Also the course is narrow in places and we have to restrict numbers for health and safety reasons.


Q: What do you spend my entry fee on?

A: Your fee is spent on the costs of organising the event, the provision of first aid facilities, the race mementos for all finishers, the spot prizes and the prizes and trophies for the category winners etc, the list is endless!  After meeting all these expenses we make a substantial donation to the chosen good causes the race supports.  Details of the donation will appear on our website in due course, we donated a total of £2,250 from the proceeds of the 2016 event divided equally between three charities.  All the people involved in organising the event are volunteers and give their time free.

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