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Danefield Relay 2017

Baildon runners entered 5 teams ( Baildon A,B,C, D and Baildon Ladies) into the Danefield relay on Tuesday evening. The race is run on the eastern side of the Chevin country park and consists of 3 x 5km legs of the same lap. The lap basically consists of 2 miles of flat/ downhill running before a ‘killer climb’ of about 500ft, all in the final mile.

Baildon A team finished in 18th position out of a total 129 teams, just a second behind Ilkley runners (who questionably overtook Jeff Singleton on the finish line!). Baildon B followed 6 minutes later in 41st position, before Baildon Ladies finished in 48th position. Baildon D came 49th and Baildon C came 52nd, meaning that all of the Baildon teams finished well in the top half of the table.

Relays are coming thick and fast at this time of year, with the Golden Acre relay on the 12th July and the Washburn relay on Friday 14th July. Contact Baildon runners for more information.

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