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Nigel's Murder Mile!

Thanks to Nigel Shaw's suggestion, Augusts track session turned into a timed mile. Thanks to all runners that turned out on a horrible night, although to be fair the rain stopped in time for us to enjoy a good session. We split into three groups of ability and amazing times were made by all, I am sure there were PBs and possibly a few club records.

There was definitely a fun side too, Nigel brought a hooter and Jo took charge of sounding it off (the hooter) to let everyone know when they were on the last lap. Each group cheered the next group of runners as they finished a lap, in true BR style. Thanks to Nigel chocolate was enjoyed by all some a little more than others, not mentioning any names!

Amazingly we were all done and dusted by 7.30. We could have gone home but Lee had other ideas, as if we hadn't worked hard enough he put everyone into teams and had us doing relays. Thanks to Nigel for timing, to Linda Carey and Sue Gallagher for scoring, to Joe Percival for overseeing everything ran smoothly (and the hooter) and Dave Lonsdale for being the funnel bouncer. All I had to do was run, Well maybe a bit of bossing about but that's normal isn't it!

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