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West Yorkshire Winter League Presentation Evening 2018

For the first time in 25 years Baildon won. In the team event we were numero uno; in the men’s event we were numero uno; in the vets’ event we were numero uno. In the women’s event we were numero dos and in the super vets, we were numero.... Well, it would just be plain greedy and unsporting to win everything. It is quite stunning to win team, men’s, vets and finish second in the women’s events, especially when you consider the quality of the runners in the other 13 clubs who comprise the WYWL. It is a real measure of just how much the club has developed its strength and depth.

As for individual honours, here are the award winners: Michael Malyon- 1st Male Overall Jennie Guard- 3rd Female Overall Quentin Lewis 1st Male Vet 40 Jo Heffernan 3rd Female vet 40 Chris Burke 1st Male Vet 45 Barbara Lee 1st Female Vet 60 Jim Weldon 1st Male Vet 65

As a running club we should rightly strive to be our best and celebrate the achievements of those at the top. But, as we said earlier, the real beauty of the WYWL is that it is a team and club event. Each one of us who runs has our own achievement in just getting out there and running.

WYWL Presentation Night 23 March

The evening started early with a few Baildon Runners meeting for a drink in The Fox at Shipley at 5.30pm. From there we caught the train to Leeds just in time for another in The Brewery Tap before heading for the presentation venue. I think everybody was a little underwhelmed when we got there as we had to go through the back of a shop type pub, out and up a fire escape to eventually get to the large room where the event was being held. No bar!! So it was back down the fire escape! The food was plenty of tasty Pizzas which went down well before the actual awards were announced. Quentin, Chris, Mal and Jim went to collect their individual trophies, pretty cool looking glass trophies, before the larger team trophies were awarded. Baildon winning both the Vets and the Men’s. Then it was onto the big one, the Overall Team award. Quentin and Sue Coates, who have done so much for Baildon Runners at Winter League over many years, went up first to receive it on behalf of the club before being joined by the rest of us. A rousing rendition of "Championes.., Championes," followed which made everybody proud of the club. I'm not sure what the rest of the clubs thought but they couldn't deny us a bit of glory basking! All thirsty work but there was still time before the last train to call at the Duck and Drake nearby for more drinks and dancing to a great band. A fantastic atmosphere and team spirit. For some, the evening was still not over as we moved onto a nightclub where it was great to see the two Sues still dancing away in the early hours!

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