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The second Murder Mile Track Challenge scarily successful!

The second “Murder Mile Track Challenge” took place at UAK last night – this year it was slightly different as we were up against runners from Keighley & Craven AC

Over 40 runners took part in three race groups with projected times at :8 mins 30s + (won by our own Dave Lonsdale in 7mins 25s);8 mins 30 s to 6 mins 30s (won by Nathan O’Mara from Keighley & Craven AC in 5mins 52s) and the final group for sub 6mins 30s in spectacular fashion by Baildon Runner’s Michael Malyon in 4mins 52s.

To cap a good night off for all our competitors we won the team points prize by one point – winning 100 – 99.It could not have been closer !!

Thanks to Sue,Linda & Joe plus Ian Lewis (from KCAC) for making the event happen.

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