Sarah Anderton

Club Secretary, Newsletter Editor and run leader coordinator 

Sarah joined the club in February 2016 and joined the committee in 2018, taking an active part in all aspects of the club, including editing the monthly newsletter and management of the Thursday club run rota. Sarah is also a run leader.

Richard Lund

Membership Secretary Joint Club Captain and run leader

Richard joined the club in January 2015 and became Membership Secretary in 2017. He is joint club captain and organises many of the club competitions. He enjoys getting taxis and sharpie pens.

Piero Tozzi

Joint Club Captain, offroad race and Relay Team Manager, and Baildon Boundary Way Course Director

Piero joined the club in April 2016 and the committee in March 2019, helping manage the club's race calendar.

Karen Butler

Social and Events Rep

An Original Baildon Blister Sister, Karen joined the committee in the Spring of 2020 and coordinates our main Social events

Nigel Shaw 02.jpg

Paul Baildon

Treasurer, Winter League and Run Leader


Paul joined the club in 2006 and was elected onto the committee in March 2015 after many years of quietly helping out behind the scenes. An active and talented runner, Paul can generally be seen at the club most Thursday nights.


James Wright

FRA Rep and Run Leader 


A latecomer to running, James is an active fell and ultra runner after tiring of road marathons. He enjoys stopping to take photos and watch nature. Rarely runs uphill.



Joe Percival

Baildon Boundary Way Race Director, IT Guy and Airedale Athletics Representative

Joe joined the club in September 2016 and was elected onto the committee in April 2017. Enjoys playing with spreadsheets.


Nigel Shaw

Quiz Master and Committee Member


Re-joined Baildon Runners in 2014 after a 20 year sabbatical!  Enjoys longer runs, especially marathons (has run 8 now) and off-road trails across Yorkshire.  Ambition is to run an “ultra” in 2022.  Also enjoys Pilates and is an occasional cyclist.

Susanna Walters

Committee Member


Susanna joined the committee in November 2019. She is an active fell runner and part of our Saturday run leader team.

Other contacts:

Richard Barnes                                   Garmin routes

John Cawley                                        Results / Club records / BBW Marketing / Website support

Alan Clements                                     BBW Consultant / Joint Club Liaison

Sue Coates                                         Coach, Club kit organiser and Baildon Canter

Steve Hargreaves                               Club Relay Captain and Mr Motivator

Denise Johnson                                  Veterans

Dave Lonsdale                                    Relay Team Manager

Catherine Milner                                 Club auditor

Jo Milsom                                            BBW First Aid Coordinator and club life saver