Fell League (Summer)

Runners from Baildon Runners, Bradford Airedale AC, Eccleshill Road Runners, Queensbury Running Club, Saltaire Striders and Skyrac AC compete in the Airedale Athletics Off-Road Summer Challenge.  It's a great introduction to trail and fell racing and is enjoyed by new and long standing members alike.


Race points

Points are weighted for age and gender, so men and women of all ages can compete in the same league.

Your league total is the score from your best six races and your score for each race is calculated by comparing your time with the average of the fastest 3 times in your category (average / your time x 1000).  If fewer than 3 runners finish in your category we use the average from the next youngest category.



Fastest 3 times in category: 15:52, 16:03, 16:40

Average of fastest 3 times: 16:12

Runner's time: 21:14

Points = 16:12 / 21:14 x 1000 = 763


This means that if your time is quicker than the average of the fastest 3, your score will be more than 1000.  Every second saved means extra points so there's a big incentive to run for the line!


Joker races

Joker races are regarded as particularly challenging and your total includes double points from your highest scoring joker.


Joining in

There are all kinds of races to choose from and we hope you will find plenty to enjoy.  Everyone's points count towards the club total.


More information is available at www.bradfordairedaleac.org.uk/championships.  Race information will be added when known.