Club Records

Records, including all-time, best by a current member and age category from 1 January 2007 will appear on this page of our website.


The leg records for the Leeds Country Way and Calderdale Way relay events have been reset after the year 2000. The lengths of some of the legs have changed quite dramatically over the years and the times achieved in the past would never be beaten.


The old records (pre 2001) can be seen below.


Airedale off road winter challenge and summer fell league roll of honour.


Dave Turpin Trophy. An award for exceptional service to the club.


Other notable achievements not listed elsewhere are included here. Examples include Baildon members running for Airedale Athletics or perhaps in a team relay event where a partner is not a Baildon Runner.

Age Category Records - The records shown in the left hand columns are the overall age category records (OACR) set by first claim club members since 01/01/2007 irrespective of whether or not they are still members of the club.  From 01/01/2017 records held by people who were no longer club members became open to current first claim members to set a new best time by a current member (BTCM); these are shown in the right hand columns along with the overall records set by those who are still members.  Overall age category records (OACR) held by people who leave the club from now on will similarly become open to current first claim members to set a new best time by a current member (BTCM).


Anyone who holds a ‘best time set by a current member’ (BTCM) that leaves the club will have their time removed.  Should they subsequently rejoin, they would not have their time reinstated but would, of course, be able to set a new best time following their rejoining.


Records/best times noted “(ITM)” are the official times taken at intermediate timing mats in a longer race or, in the case of Endure 24, the official times recorded at the end of the 5M lap.



Runner of the Month